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Mrs. Ann Yao
My objective is to serve children between the ages of two to six in the San Jose, Saratoga and Cupertino communities with a neighborhood preschool that creates a positive envirnoment and inspires a love of learning.
I have an M.A in Early Childhood Education from UC Santa Barbara and have taught and directed early childhood education since 1989. All the children that I have taught know me as "Mrs. Ann."
I have lived and worked in the Cupertino/San Jose area for the past 18 years. With my husband, we are raising two children who are attending high school in Cupertino public schools.
My other staff include Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Vijaya, Ms. Kamlesh and Ms. Terrie. We work together to make preschool a fun, stimulating, enriching and memorable experience for your child, while getting them socially and academically ready for Kindergarten.
Ms. Sylvia
Ms. Sylvia has been working at our school for 15 years and specializes in the programs for 2-3 year olds.
Ms. Kamlesh
 Ms. Kamlesh has been working with us  for 1 year. We love having her here!
Ms. Vijaya
Ms. Vijaya has been working with us for 10 years and specializes in Pre-K program for 4-5 year olds.
Ms. Terrie
Ms. Terrie has been working with us as a teacher aide for 13 years. We love having her here!

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