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“We absolutely love this school and have no complaints about it.  My daughter actually started out at Little Tree Montesorri which is a bilingual Chinese preschool at the age of 3.  She was very difficult and would cry when she had to go to school.  It could have been because she wasn’t ready, or she was going half day, but after 6-months of going, she still was unable to adjust.  While there, she learned her alphabets and was able to write her all the letters in uppercase.  She even learned basic Chinese phrases and songs.

One of my coworkers recommended Building Block and it was very convenient to where we worked.  She raved about Miss Ann, Miss Vijaya, and Miss Sylvia and how her son learned how to read and she didn’t even have time to spend working with him at home.  She also shared how he learned proper manners and behavior.  When we visited the school, my first impression was that it was very small, but clean.  We decided to enroll both my daughter who turned 4 and my son who was 2-years old.  My husband and I were really nervous about how they would handle going to school full time since they were used to staying home with both of us for the summer.  My daughter took it like a champ, and my son only cried 2 days and then that was it.  It was such a huge relief to find a school that both my children love going to.

Within a month, our daughter surprised the both of us by writing her alphabets in lower case and also reading and writing 3-letter words that rhymed.  We were completely shocked and amazed.  Now she’s in Kindergarten and reading at a 3rd grade level and has good number sense being able to add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers.

My husband and I are both teachers.  What we love about this school is that it is small and they individualize learning specifically for each child’s needs.  They also have a great environment where there’s a wonderful balance between academics and social interaction.   They embed their teaching in fun activities and projects, and my son who is now 3 years-old is thriving at this school.   We absolutely love Building Block and we don’t ever want our children to leave.  Funny because they never want to leave either when we pick them up!” – jen y.

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